Executive Automation Applications

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Intellisus Data Mining – Introducing Application Program Interfaces that streamline business operations; saving time, reducing cost and managing capital.

Web3.0 Development & Email Marketing

Website design with eCommerce shopping cart and up to 10 company emails.

interactive voice Response Systems

Toll free telephone Audix system with unlimited extensions for call routing and forwarding.

Satellite Search Advertising

Target interested consumers in specific locations to market your products and services.

Blockchain Wallets

Secure, easy to use and compliant with Government and financial regulations.

Payment Processing

Utilize point of sale and virtual terminals to accept every form of payment.

Asset management

Accumulate, store and exchange digital tokens with the potential of capital appreciation.

Intellisus Data Mining

Applications that Transcend

Our Satellite Search Web3.0 development platform is Engineered for efficiency. Equipped to accommodate peer to peer blockchain engagement, this platform is designed to secure value by converting discretionary expenses into digital assets. idataM’s Executive Automation strategy mimics that of large corporations, who look to promote their brand, communicate with consumers and accumulate reserve capital.

  • Satellite Search Advertising
  • Telephone Audix Systems
  • Digital Payment Processing
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Digital Asset Management
satellite Search

A Single Platform with Multiple Business Solutions

Our all inclusive Satellite Search platform securely encrypts your organization’s website, email, calendar, telecommunication and digital wallet.


Satellite Search (Executive Automation)

$999 per Month

Encrypted Web3 platform engineered to improve Search Engine results and engage mass audiences while accommodating peer to peer DeFi networks. Create an interactive user experience for your audience while automating marketing, communication and finance for your organization.

  • P2P Web3.0 Hosting
  • up to 10 professional Email Accounts
  • Interactive Voice Response System with Extensions
  • Encrypted Blockchain Wallet
  • Digital Merchant Processing
  • corporate Cash Management