Blockchain DeFi

a new strategy for advancement

Satellite Search

Use geotargeting to advertise to consumers based on their location. This form of advertising is effective for organizations who provide services within a specific region, city, state or zip code. Typically displayed on mobile devices such as tablets or cellular phones, these campaigns incorporate “call links” that connect consumers to your interactive voice response system. These incoming calls are then placed in queue and routed to support staff.

Accept cryptocurrency Payments online

Communicate with a broader audience by allowing digital payments on your website to create even more revenue!

Communicate & Engage

Reshape your Goals

The use of Software Applications and APIs can reduce cost, delegating simple tasks to trusted Artificial Intelligence. This digital wave has led to a spike in remote work culture. Onboarding, creating connections, electronic communication and collaboration prevent isolation and keep the workplace fun. Together we implement solutions that automate your outreach, prioritizing communication to captivate your audience and build trust within your support network and team.


Manage your organization’s calendar online. Synch to other users with automated text and email reminders.


Interact with your audience through peer to peer networks. Bring awareness to your brand’s message.


Automate your asset management. Send a portion of each settled transaction to your secure wallet.

idataM Executive Automation

Simplify your operation

Hire software applications that improve efficiency. Make the most of your resources and reduce the costs associated with day to day activities, increasing sales while saving capital.

search Engine Marketing

Advance your Online Advertising Efforts

PBX Call Routing & Tracking

Communicate with & Engage your Audience

Electronic payment processing

Accept tokens like Bitcoin, Ethereum & Dogecoin

digital asset management

Accumulate Aggressive Rates of Return


Ethereum – 3,470.28
+33.90 (0.99%) 
Global Payment Processing

1% transaction Fees

Intellisus Data Mining provides access to point of sale and eCommerce payment solutions that support credit card, debit card, cryptocurrency, ACH and wire transfer payments. Captivate your audience and accelerate your business through modern methods of communication, P2P networks and the distribution of digital assets. Easily adjust cash vs. crypto settlement percentage and/or contribution rate based on market conditions.

social media:
Corporate Cash Management

Cash settlement

Automate Cash vs. Ethereum settlement percentage to accumulate digital reserves. Simply alter your contribution rate to manage risk and price volatility.


transaction fee