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“Executive automation in the form of communication, advertising and decentralized finance. idataM, helping streamline, communicate and invest.”

Intellisus Data Mining is a business solutions provider committed to integrating software applications that expand your organization’s reach. In addition, our payment processing option facilitates corporate cash management through the creation of digital assets with the potential of capital appreciation. This is done through our Satellite Search executive automation platform designed for midsize organizations looking to streamline their operation.

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Executive Automation Platform

Intellisus Data Mining’s corporate office is headquartered in Peoria, AZ. We service Executives of midsize companies through the integration of software applications developed to improve telecommunication, digital marketing, payment processing and blockchain asset management.

  • Executive Automation
  • Interactive Voice Response Systems
  • Video Conferencing
  • Dedicated Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Digital Payment Processing
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Secure Digital Wallets
  • NFT’s
  • Capital Reserve Management

Making changes to your organization’s payment processing platform is not an easy decision. We understand this is the final stop in the sales cycle prior to bank settlement and deposit of funds. However, in recent years a new form of currency has emerged creating a now trillion dollar market that 90% of organizations do not access due to this reluctance. Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have revolutionized payment processing, creating a now digital asset class. Needless to say, these ‘coins‘ have outperformed every market sector since inception creating sought after tokens that can be securely bought, sold, swapped, spent or stored.

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360° business solutions

In light of the in depth financial capabilities of our platform we have simplified it’s application, allowing organizations to focus on customer satisfaction and new product development. We understand that client acquisition is not the only complication that successful organizations face. As our hypothetical illustration shows, a simple reduction in payment processing costs that is then converted into a digital asset and securely stored, can change the financial outlook of an organization.

Intellisus Data Mining

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Connecting consumers Worldwide – Providing Global Payment solutions and Corporate capital reserve management using Blockchain technology.


Search advertising

Use online advertising platforms to connect with new customers in your service area. Generate more sales revenue while marketing your brand.


Payment Processing

Establish electronic payment gateways designed to collect digital currencies and save on fees. Store capital reserves in secure wallets.


Content Marketing

Engage your audience by creating an interactive digital community where active users can participate in NFT equity share.

Automated Digital Investments

Explore your Possibilities with idataM – Providing innovative business solutions to streamline your process, communicate with your network, engage your audience and manage capital.

Risk Management


Adjust settings based on your organization’s financial objectives with the power to accept crypto payments without any risk or volatility.

create a brighter future 1 transaction at a time

Establish Ad campaigns on Search Engines and Social Media to delivery your company’s branding message. Collect consumer search data to then retarget your audience through different channels creating lifelong customers and prospects. These fundamental digital marketing techniques are proven to generate revenue and boost transaction volume. Increase the book value of your organization through participation in the red hot digital asset sector. Deliver unique offers to loyal customers in the form of tradable NFT’s, creating your own blockchain community committed to the stored value of your products and services.

“I wish I made these adjustments sooner. This campaign has allowed me to reduce our payroll expenses while growing the balance sheet.”

Rodger Katz

Omaha, NE

“This was a very detailed process. I am thankful I took time to make this change and the value of my business is growing with this great economy.”

ellen gates

San Diego, CA

Intellisus Data Mining

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Intellisus Data Mining, a product line of Direct Web Marketing Group, LLC is prepared to explore your unique goals. Our Account Executives are experienced, with access to digital platforms created to transform the outlook & strategic direction of your organization. idataM – We understand the complexity of Executive management.

Intellisus Data Mining

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